Under the guidance of the District Rector, District Elder Danie Nel, the Gauteng West Apostle Area

welfare coordinator, the NAC Cook-a-Thon team gathered early on Saturday, 13 July 2019, at the Meals on Wheels SA (MOWCSA) Happy Food Bank Warehouse in City Deep, Johannesburg, to prepare meals for the needy.

The cost of all the ingredients for the food was sponsored by the members from across the Apostle area. The ministers from both the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas, joined by a few sisters, were warmly welcomed by the friendly Meals on Wheels team. The Apostle Sipho Mogane opened the day's activities with prayer and handed over to Chef Given, who gave the team a quick course in what to do in the kitchen.

After dressing up in aprons, gloves and cooking caps, everyone got started with great enthusiasm - peeling, cutting and chopping. By midday, the food was cooked and ready to be dished and packed in containers. The NAC group joined the MOWCSA team to go distribute the food in Braamfontein.

The appreciation of the people was indeed the most rewarding feeling for all who participated and this was echoed by the Apostle who encouraged all to further promote similar drives on a congregation level.

WQG Homeless Feeding was one of the beneficiaries who was identified for this Cook-a-Thon. This is MOWCSA’s partner community agency, which operates from Braamfontein Methodist Church and feeds 200 homeless people of Braamfontein and Johannesburg CBD – who are fed once a week, on Saturdays.

The other beneficiary was L&J Squater Camp, an informal settlement, started by a labourer seeking employment at the nearby factories, about 10 years ago. It is now home to over 2 000 people, families who rely on MOWCSA TOC Office to feed the elderly, children and unemployed persons.