On Sunday 7 May 2017, a festive congregation welcomed the Apostle SB Mogane in Eikenhof, south of

Johannesburg, for an afternoon service.

This is also the residence of the children at the Amazing Grace Children's Home.

The Apostle shared a Bible word from John 15:1-2, wherein he expounded on Jesus as the true vine, GOD the Father as the vinedresser and the branches (the believers) who must bear fruits of faith and love, allow to be pruned and grow in prayer and unity.

The ordination of ten deacons and three priests for the respective congregations in the district, added to the joy.

The Apostle shared special moments of fellowship with the resident children of the Amazing Grace Children's Home. They joyfully sang a few hymns, then listened attentively to their Apostle and much to their delight, also enjoyed some cake afterwards. Everyone joined in singing "Happy Birthday" to two boys who celebrated their birthday!