On Sunday, 15 September 2019, the Apostle JM Joubert conducted a divine service in

Van Dyk Park Congregation. The Apostle mentioned that God’s will for us is to have eternal life. However, He gave us our own will. We need to understand God’s will and know that even if we strive to fulfil His will, we are not exempt from trials and tribulations. Are we able to say that we believe in God and His salvation plan in good and bad times?

The Rector from Springs Congregation, Priest Q Nel was also called to serve.

Priest Andrew Olivier (Van Dyk Park) was placed into retirement. Additional blessings were received in the form of the following ordinations:

Deacon R. Schlaphoff was ordained into the priest ministry and mandated to Springs Congregation. The brothers M. Swanepoel and R. Vorster were both ordained into the deacon ministry and mandated to work in Van Dyk Park Congregation.

Van Dyk Park Congregation was also blessed to welcome Priest H Denner (Jnr), together with his family into the congregation and he too was mandated to now serve as a section priest for Van Dyk Park.