On Saturday, 17 August 2019, Confirmation teachers and SS coordinators from the districts of

Pretoria North East and Pretoria South East attended a Confirmation Training Session in Silverton.

The session was jam-packed with information and many ideas were shared. All the attendees were extremely knowledgeable about the various facets of Confirmation and the topics covered, so it was decided to split the group into three teams and have each team brainstorm solutions for the challenges they face with regard to Confirmation.

Some very good ideas were presented to improve attendance and parent participation, and good suggestions were also made with regard to some changes to the syllabus, that would be to the benefit of the confirmand’s knowledge of our faith. The teams were so actively involved in their tasks, that they found it difficult to break for tea!

All inputs were noted with appreciation and would be discussed further. They hope to see some changes soon that will improve the standard of their Confirmation Classes.