On a chilly Sunday afternoon, 23 June 2019, the ministers of the Ekurhuleni East and West districts gathered for the mid-year meeting with Apostle J Joubert in Springs Congregation.

The Apostle welcomed everyone and thanked all for their work they do for God's children.

After the Apostle gave a short spiritual portion to the brothers, all brothers sang together out of the male hymn collection. The music being incorporated into the meeting is a new initiative by the Apostle Area Music Leaders, where the ministers get a chance to sing/perform music in other places, except for a Divine Service. This will also promote the music much more, to see our leaders performing so well.

The Apostle continued with the meeting, going through what was achieved in the past few months, but also what still needs to be done in the time to come. The main focus of this meeting was to ensure that ALL God's children are receiving the soul-care they need.

After the closing prayer, the brothers enjoyed some warm coffee and great fellowship with one another, catching up across the two districts.