For Embalenhle Congregation in Secunda, Sunday 18 November 2018 was a very busy Sunday

for the district. A spiritual sharing session by the DAH Mkhwanazi in the vestry with ministers before the divine service set the tone for the divine service. The DSG article for the day on “Preparing for the kingdom of peace”, based on the Bible Word taken from Revelation 20:6 was edifying.

The 28 souls who received the gift of the Holy Spirit, including an ordination of a priest added to the holy ambience. This was complimented by the well-prepared choir and the congregation.

Thereafter, the Sunday School children’s service for the year and Valedictory followed. The sermon for the Sunday School children’s service was based on 2 Corinthians 5:20. Even children need to be aware of their representation of the church of Christ. Much as one  represents one’s family or school, being New Apostolic comes with a degree of responsibility of sharing the faith with our neighbour.

As a first event in the area, the Valedictory session was well organized and it just added a degree of importance to all the Sunday School classes, which prepared the young believers for the next phase on their journey of faith.

The fellowship also served as a source of energy, strength and joy to everyone in attendance.

The next and final tasks that followed were soul-care visits with District Elder Adams and Community Evangelist Ndzima, while choir members had to drive to Evander for the combined choir practice in preparation for the District Apostle J Kriel’s visit in Kriel, Evander District and Secunda, Embalenhle District from 1 – 2 December 2018.