The Mozambique trip of District Apostle Helper MP Mkhwanazi covered fourteen days,

from Friday 12 October 2018 to Friday 26 October 2018. The trip started late on the Friday with a sleep over near Lebombo Boarder Gate. Under the showers of rain, the next daylong drive to Maputo, capital city, was well managed. In both regions of the Mpumalanga Province area that is adjacent to Lebombo and up to Maputo City, it was raining cats and dogs until the afternoon hours.

The first ministers’ meeting with potential brothers was conducted in the Malhangelene Congregation. Bishop Alvin Witten attended there for the first time, since his relocation in June 2018 to the country. Local brothers were encouraged to work hand in glove with him, so that all could soon realize the vision for the region of the District Apostle J. Kriel. Apostle Mazuze also delivered concluding remarks, to enhance all the progressive programmes for the area.

The recapping review of the 2017 Meeting; 2019 Planning, Offering and Thanksgiving 2018/19 were the main topics for the interactive discussions. The spiritual portion used, as base for the meetings was the Chief Apostle’s word and teaching extracted from B-fax 260:
John 15:15: “No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you”.
Message by Chief Apostle: Instructed by the Spirit, as Ministers we contribute to God’s plan of salvation.
Points as per his teaching - The Holy Spirit reveals to us God’s plan of salvation. Informed of God’s will, as Ministers:
• We work to lead the faithful to God.
• We strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.
• We implant the love for their neighbour in their heart.
• We strengthen their unity and comfort them in trials.

Driving by car to both Apostles Armindo Mazuze for the Maputo Region and Bonifacio Semba for the Nampula Region, through the three Apostles’ Areas of Malyanga, Kalako and Marucha - 10 divine services were conducted. This included the Young People’s Service in Matendene, Maputo Region. The distance travelled on road exceeded 1 000 km, which excludes the 4 392 km by air.

It was noted with appreciation to see local members heavily engaged and motivated in their own local buildings. The self-help building projects were seeds planted by pioneers.These are but some of the fruits!