The weekend of 26 and 27 October 2019 was one of those weekends that left the 2020 confirmands and

the members of Eastwood Congregation on a spiritual high. Thirty-five confirmands from Durban & Northern KwaZulu-Natal attended the Confirmation Camp at the Cumberland Nature Reserve in Pietermaritzburg. The organizers of the camp, Sunday School coordinators and teachers, committee members and a few ministers accompanied the confirmands.

On the Saturday morning, 26 October 2019, everyone arrived for a fun-filled and jam-packed weekend.  The camp was opened in prayer and the confirmands were divided into 3 teams, each with a trained team leader from Outdoor Education.  They were briefed on the weekend’s activities and the rules of the camp. 

After partaking in kayaking, team dynamics, obstacle and teambuilding events, they were all exhausted.  They were graced by the presence of the Apostle Page during the day. He enjoyed observing them as they worked together as teams.

On the Saturday evening, they enjoyed a scrumptious meal.  After supper, they gathered around a camp fire for a topical discussion. A word of encouragement and a prayer were shared, and thereafter, they were off to bed.

They were up early the Sunday morning and travelled to Eastwood Congregation, Pietermaritzburg, where the Apostle A Page was scheduled to conduct the divine service. The Bishop Shabangu of the Northern KZN bishop area was invited to the divine service. The Bishop Shabangu served along with Apostle Page.

Twenty-seven souls received the gift of the Holy Spirit during the divine service. In addition, the Priest Phillip Arendse of Eastwood Congregation was placed into a well-earned retirement, after serving the Lord with an upright and sincere heart.

Although the temperature in Pietermaritzburg was a scorching 37 degrees Celsius, the members listened attentively to the word from the Altar!