History was made when the first Confirmation Camp in the Apostle Page’s area took place at Spirit of Adventure, Shongweni Dam, Natal from 24 to 25 November 2018.

A total of 59 confirmands from Durban & Northern Kwazulu Natal attended the first Confirmation Camp, together with the organizers of the camp, the Apostle Area Sunday School Coordinator, Cheryl Downing, Glenda Hudson, committee member of the Apostle, together with some District and Congregational Sunday School Coordinators, a few office bearers and teachers.

On the Saturday morning 24 November 2018, everyone arrived at 08:00 to a fun-filled and jam-packed weekend.  The camp was opened in prayer and the confirmands were divided into 6 teams, each with a trained team leader from Spirit of Adventure.  They were briefed on the weekend’s activities and the rules of the camp.  Reserved, shy and unaware of what was awaiting them; they headed on to an unforgettable experience.

After partaking in kayaking, dam wall abseiling, team dynamics, obstacle and teambuilding events, they were all exhausted.  They were graced by the presence of the Apostle Page during the day. He enjoyed observing them as they worked together as teams. 

On the Saturday evening, they enjoyed a scrumptious meal after they had to braai their own meat.  After supper they went on another adventure called “stalking the lantern” and they returned to camp at 10:00 the evening and enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits, and marshmallow braaiing.  A word of encouragement and a prayer were shared, and thereafter, they were off to bed.

They were up early the Sunday morning for the main event of the weekend, the divine service which was conducted by the Apostle A Page. He shared the Bible word Psalm 119:66 - “Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I believe Your commandments”.

The Apostle reminded the confirmands during the service of the commandments which they had learnt through their Sunday School years, but placed emphasis especially on the first one and the fourth one.  Further the Apostle elaborated on the 1st Article of the Articles of Faith and asked whether they knew it, and before the Apostle knew it, as one big team, they recited it.  The Apostle reminded them about the vow which they would soon be making in front of the altar of God and again without being asked, they said their vow.

The final anthem “Majesty” was sung with much joy. After the anthem the Apostle thanked the organisers and introduced them to all who were present.  The Apostle thanked and introduced the team leaders of Spirit of Adventure who attended the Divine Service with the confirmands for their leadership skills and their dedication towards their important tasks at the camp.

The confirmands returned to their teams and were taken to the dam where they had to build rafts, after which they had a race against one another.  The spirit amongst them was contagious and this led to the singing of war cries. Leadership certificates were handed to each confirmand at the end of the camp by Spirit of Adventure.

Remarks made by some of the confirmands when they were interviewed was that when they arrived at the camp, they did not know one another, but they had made a lot of new friends because of one common goal – their faith!  They learnt the importance of working in teams and trusting one another.

The confirmands thoroughly enjoyed the camp and are looking forward to their confirmation, and to joining the ranks of the Young People so that there could be further development and growth, as they represent the future of our Church.