Apostle A Page visited the Mpumalanga East Bishop area over the weekend of 16 November 2018.

Three divine services were conducted, 144 souls were sealed and 20 ministers ordained.

The first service was conducted on Saturday morning at Mzinti Congregation. Invited to this service was Zibokwane Congregation and choir members of the entire Mzinti District.

The Bible word was taken out of Isaiah 12:4. With the message, the Apostle encouraged the congregation - “Praise the Lord at all times”. This message was underlined by the congregational opening hymn, “To God be the Glory” that was sung in Zulu. During this Divine Service, the Apostle Sealed 22 souls and ordained 9 Ministers.

After the Divine Service fellowship was enjoyed at District Elder Bhana’s house for all District Rectors and their wives, the Bishop and his wife and the Apostle.

On the Sunday morning,  Apostle Page conducted a Divine Service in Daantjie Congregation. Invited to this service were the following congregations: Alice, Somcuba, Sindzawonye, Msogwaba and Mpakeni.

The Bible word was taken out of Matthew 7: 22-23. With the message, the Apostle encouraged the congregation, “To carry out the Will of our Lord at all times”. During this Divine Service the Apostle Sealed 60 souls and ordained 4 Ministers.

At 12:00 the Apostle conducted the second Divine Service in Lekazi Congregation which comprised of the congregations: Central, Emlotseni, Khaliphani, Tiphembeleni and Thekwane South.

The Apostle used the same Bible word out of Matthew 7: 22-23. During this Divine Service,  Apostle Page Sealed 62 souls and ordained 7 Ministers.

Afterwards, fellowship was arranged at the house of sister Khelina Mkhabela. Members present at the fellowship said goodbye to the  Apostle with a traditional song, “Makabongwe”, meaning “Let Him be praised”.

On request from the Apostle, the members present then sang the Zulu hymn 138/English 400. This confirmed that the weekend with the Apostle was not only filled with blessings and joy for the members, but it also brought much spiritual joy to his soul.