A solemn and sacred atmosphere prevailed in the Tafelsig church as the congregation awaited the commencement of the divine service on Sunday 13 December 2015.

The choir and orchestra added another dimension with their presentations – festivity! The preparation was made complete when the congregation in Tafelsig and those connected together sang hymn 28: We love the place, O God.

When the opening hymn reverberated through the full church the way was prepared for the timely message of the Chief Apostle. The text word he used was from John 1:18. In his sermon the Chief Apostle pointed out that man can only see God by faith. When Jesus came He said: Who sees me, sees God. People had to believe this. Only those who believed got the evidence that He was indeed God.

What is relevant for us is that we understand the God was revealing himself through Jesus. Jesus wants us to become like Him and receive the same heritage He received from His Father. We should not just follow Him but become one with Him. His thoughts should become our thoughts and His will our will.

The Chief Apostle called District Apostle Ekhuya from East Africa, District Apostle Helper Nsamba from Zambia and District Apostle Mkhwanazi from the South East Africa region to assist in serving. All too soon the sermon was over and it was time for the celebration of Holy Communion. This divines sacrament took on even more emotive intensity when served for the souls in the realms of the departed.

The Chief Apostle then called Apostles De Vries and J Kriel, Bishop Lambert and District Elder Worship to the altar. One to be retired, one appointed as District Apostle Helper and two to be ordained as apostles. An attentive, silently participative congregation witnessed these events.

The choir fittingly concluded the divine service with the hymn: And then shall your light break forth. Another memorable encounter with our Chief Apostle had come to an end and we thank him for being the instrument of blessings for the Cape District Church. May he have a blessed journey as he returns home the very same evening.