On Saturday 12 December 2015, Silvertown Auditorium was the venue for a festive concert held for our Chief Apostle.

The New Apostolic Church building in the Cape Town suburb has played host to many concerts in the past few years. With close to 1600 members in attendance, the choir and orchestra presented themselves in the finest festive form. The programme began with "When He cometh" and set the tone for the evening.

The rest of the programme incorporated traditional and classical pieces of music with some being re-written for this special occasion. The Childrens choir also sang a special version of "Christmas in Cape Town". The sound and execution of the hymns was close to perfection. Those in attendance were asked to give applause at the conclusion of the concert, but many found this hard because of the majestic performances.

"Christmas in Cape Town! Quality made in Cape Town!". These were the words from Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider as he thanked the choir and orchestra for their hard work and sacrifices after the concert. After the closing prayer, the Chief Apostle started another round of applause and was joined by the audience.

Those in attendance left the Auditorium with a warm and festive feeling in their heart. This served as a blessed preparation for tomorrows divine service that will be held by our Chief Apostle in Tafelsig.