A beautiful day dawned in Port Elizabeth on Sunday 25 October 2015 with a light breeze blowing off the ocean.

There was very little activity on the streets at 07:00 on a Sunday morning, but at the Grey School a flurry of activity was taking place. This school surely seldom sees such activity early on a Sunday morning. However, on this day the rectors of the Eastern Cape descended on the school to register and gather for a divine service with District Apostle N Barnes.
The previous day all preparations had been made and the school hall had a beautiful altar decorated with flowers on the stage. Screens and sound had also been set up for the presentations that would be given to the rectors after the divine service. This was Rectors’ Day for the congregation leaders of the Eastern Cape.
The hall filled quickly after registration and a dignified silence descended in preparation for the divine service. This was contributed to when the organist started playing. Before service the hymn From Zion’s mount of radiant light, was sung; the words being projected on screen.
The text word upon which the sermon was based was from Psalm 100, a portion of verse 2: “Serve the Lord with gladness . . .” At the beginning of the divine service the District Apostle conveyed the thanks of the Chief Apostle to those gathered for the task that they are fulfilling. He also conveyed the Chief Apostle’s greetings to them.
In his sermon the District Apostle encouraged the ministers not to lose hope but to continue placing their trust in God for He is in control of all things. He reminded them to serve God with joy. To serve is to work: to provide soul care and to influence souls through preaching. This should be done with sanctification so that what is done can address the needs of the children of God.
After the congregation had sung a hymn the District Apostle concluded the sermon. He left the ministers with this thought provoking statement: On behalf of God you answer the prayers of the His children.
Holy Communion was then celebrated and when the divine service was over there was a short break to allow the hall to be prepared for the presentations that were to follow. These presentations were precisely the same as the ones done during the Rectors’ Day that took place in Tafelsig, Cape Town.
The rectors left that afternoon with joy in their hearts (having received some good news) and a solid understanding of the strategic plan of the Church for interventions in 2016 and the years ahead.