The visit of District Apostle Barnes to Oosterville congregation in Upington was special in many ways.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day on 4 October 2015, bestowing the diamond wedding blessing on retired Shepherd Marais and his wife Lynette and to crown it all, it was the first time that he served Oosterville congregation as a District Apostle.

The District Apostles’ visit was marked by a full programme. This included soul care visits to the retired Shepherd Marais and his wife as well as to Shepherd Carstens, who is the rector Oosterville congregation. On the Saturday morning he held a meeting with all the leaders of the work in the area. This took place at Sunrise congregation and warm fellowship concluded the blessed encounter on the eve of Thanksgiving Day. Later the afternoon a visit to the congregation of Rosedale made the preparations of the members’ all the more special. The District Apostle addressed the Sunday school choir who had a final practice in preparation for the divine service.
All too soon Thanksgiving Day was over, but the joy and thankfulness will live on in the hearts of the members for a long time to come.