Before 7:30 on a Sunday morning and there was great movement in and around the church at Tafelsig. Unusual, but this was no ordinary Sunday, it was Rectors’ Day.

Rectors of the greater part of the District Church Cape, from afar afield as the Northern Cape and Southern Cape, converged at this focal point on Sunday 20 September 2015. The rectors gathered in the basement of the church to register and, of course, to strike up conversations with fellow ministers they had not seen in a while. The move from the basement to the interior of the church proved to be a huge contrast – from a buzz of excited chatter to a reverent silence in anticipation of the divine service that was held by District Apostle Barnes.

The opening hymn, Hymn 184, was sung with gusto and much conviction and paved the way for the sermon of the District Apostle. The text word on which this sermon was based, was Deuteronomy 5:3. All the brothers formed the choir and sang after text: When we walk with the Lord. At the beginning of the service the District Apostle thanked the rectors for what they are doing and have done. In his sermon he reminded them of the covenant they had made and encouraged them: Keep this covenant! He also refocussed their attention on the fact that their serving should always be based on their love for the lord.
After Holy Communion was celebrated a unique moment could be experienced: The serving of Communion for the departed. This was unique because of the special congregation that had gathered. Apostles De Vries and Diedericks served as proxy. 

Upon completion of the divine service there was a short break before the rectors gathered again to be presented with a strategic action plan for 2016 and beyond. Challenges that face the Church were highlighted and focus areas such as Knowing your member, conduct of leaders, godly values, increasing knowledge and financial prudence were pointed out as areas for interventions to meet these challenges. Interestingly a presentation on Sunday school regarding parent-teacher involvement was done by Apostle Swartbooi from Port Elizabeth via Skype.

Upon conclusion of the presentations the District Apostle rounded off the proceedings with some administrative matters, including wishing some ‘birthday boys’ well on their birthday and handing them a small gift. He then closed in prayer. Judging by the conversation of the rectors as they headed out of the building it seemed that the agenda for the day had been well received.