The joy in anticipation of the visit of the District Apostle to Durbanville congregation was evident on the Saturday morning prior to the service when congregants gathered to beautify God’s house.

The excitement and enthusiasm of the choir members, orchestra players, children's choir and music leaders made the preparation for this special occasion, which coincided with Mother’s day, even more blessed. Everyone made special sacrifices and not even the natural obstacle of load shedding hindered them.

On the Sunday morning the festive atmosphere was enhanced by the beautiful altar decorations and the musical programme rendered by choir, orchestra and organist. This was a fitting final preparation before the commencement of the divine service as it allowed those present to sensitize their souls.

When the District Apostle stepped behind the altar, the anticipation and excitement of the congregation could be felt. The sermon was based on the text word in Luke 4:4 “But Jesus answered him, saying, ‘It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God’.’ ” In this regard the District Apostle mentioned the incident in Scripture of the large haul of fish. Peter being and experienced fisherman trusted Jesus completely and said: “At your word Lord, I will cast down my net . . .” This should be an inspiration and an encouragement for, though we may be in difficult circumstances, the word of the Lord will provide us with a way out.

As is the custom, District Apostle served Holy Communion for the departed souls and the rector, Shepherd le Seuer and Priest Gustavson stood as proxy. This moment was concluded with the hymn ‘Oh the home of my soul is on high’.

Before concluding the divine service the District Apostle called retired Bishop Fester and his wife, Kathleen, to the altar to receive their diamond wedding anniversary blessing. In his moving address he reflected on the many natural and spiritual sacrifices they had made over the years, which included changing residence many, many times in order to accommodate the development of the Church work. He also mentioned that Bishop Fester had travelled extensively and left his wife with the task of rearing their 5 children almost single handedly. He then processed to dispense the anniversary blessing on them.

The choir conclude the service with an energetic rendition of ‘Behold what manner of love’ – a fitting end to the festivities. The members cheerfully gathered around the couple to wish them God’s blessing on the wonderful milestone they had reaches.