community with local content is published on a quarterly basis by the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa. Issue 2019/02 is now available.

As in every issue, this issue too carries an editorial from Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. He addresses his brothers and sisters and calls on them to not forget God’s promise. “It is up to us to keep this promise and pass it on to our children and to our neighbour: ‘Trust in God, He will bless you!’ … It is my heartfelt wish that we pass His promise on to future generations.”

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community with regional news is free of charge - as the various editions become available, they are posted for download on - DOWNLOADS

International and local news

community is published by the New Apostolic Church International. Featured are articles on doctrinal aspects, such as updates on our concept of ministry, divine services by Chief Apostle Schneider, Bible stories for children, and information from around the world. In NAC Southern Africa, local editors add regional content.


Download the latest issue with regional news 2019/2 by clicking here.