In the recent past the International Church has moved to establishing specialized committees to assist with the overall administrative governance of the Church.

The District Church Cape has now commenced with the implementation of a similar strategy. On Thursday 19 March 2015 the church called into being three new committees, namely, a property portfolio committee, a finance committee and an investment committee. With the assistance of these committees in the effective running of these portfolios the Church can maximize its ability to spread the Gospel.

At the inaugural meeting of these Committees, the District Apostle sketched a timeline of the church from its humble beginnings up until the present day and how it grew over time mainly as a result of the sound management of offerings, as well as the many sacrifices of the members. The church is now at a point where it needs to unbundle the various roles that had before been tasked to a few employees at the administration office. He thanked them for their honest stewardship and the integrity with which they managed all these tasks.
The Committee Members comprise brethren, who work at the Church Administration Office, as well as Church members who have special skills and qualifications that can benefit the Church as a whole in various disciplines. These Committees will now advise the leadership of the NAC on selected topics, to ensure that sound decisions are made on Finance, Investment and Church Building matters.