After a visit to the historic Palmyra Road church, which now celebrates its 110th anniversary, the Chief Apostle took the time to visit the Administration Office in Southfield.

There was an air of excitement among the staff working at the Administration as this would be the first time that Chief Apostle Schneider visits the office. Those who have been working here for some time shared with the younger employees the beautiful experiences they had had during visits of Chief Apostles Urwyler, Fehr and Leber. This heightened the anticipation of the visit.
There was a stir in the building as the bus carrying the Chief Apostle arrived and the staff gathered in the kitchen area. After a short address by District Apostle Barnes the Chief Apostle prayed and then there was time for interaction while enjoying some refreshments.
Before he left the Chief Apostle posed for a photograph with all the staff members in front of the administration building. Then he was waved goodbye as he ascended the bus and left to prepare for the divine service that will take place in Tafelsig.