A large assembly gathered with the bereaved family on Thursday afternoon, 17 November in the Silvertown Auditorium to bid farewell to the departed Apostle Cecil van der Merwe. He was 69 years old.

The retired Apostle passed away on Friday 11 November, following a brief stay in hospital. Cecil Richard Allan van der Merwe was born on 4 October 1947 to New Apostolic parents and was Sealed in 1948. He was ordained as a Bishop by Chief Apostle Urwyler in 1985, and ordained as an Apostle by Chief Apostle Fehr in October 1988.
District Apostle N Barnes, who conducted the memorial service, described the Apostle as a precise, conscientious and diligent man, not only in his ministerial capacity, but in his personal life as well. He went on to add that the Apostle was a knowledgeable person who continued to educate himself throughout his life. This allowed him to contribute to work group activities in the church which included the Sunday School syllabus and the compilation of the English hymnal.
The District Apostle Helper J Kriel and Apostle A Kriel also made reference to the Apostle’s knowledge and his eagerness to continue educating himself.
During his 35 years in active ministry- of which he served 24 years as an Apostle- he dedicated himself tirelessly to the work of the Lord and served with sincere love.
Apostle van der Merwe is survived by his wife, two children and two grandchildren.