On the nippy Saturday morning of 06 June 2015 the congregants gathered at Oxford Street Congregation with the mission to prepare as many as possible “Love Sandwiches” for the poor and needy.

Everyone was happy to be part of this initiative and had a cheerful “production line” going where everybody lent a helping hand in the making and wrapping of the sandwiches.  Many laughs and smiles were shared as they went about their sandwich making business.
As the sandwiches were packed into boxes, the ministers ventured into the streets to hand out these sandwiches to those standing on street corners and traffic lights.  As the vehicles stopped and those around noticed what was happening, many ran to the cars to get their share of the bread.  It was evident that these people were very cold and hungry after a cold snap which hit East London over the previous few days.  For some of them it was a race to the cars for fear of not getting something to eat.  At one specific corner many adults came and then they were specifically asked to fetch their children who then quietly appeared from behind the bushes.  They all walked away with smiling faces as they began to eat their sandwiches.
This was an amazing and blessed opportunity of doing a good and kind deed for those within the community who are less fortunate than us.  It brought about a warm, satisfying and thankful feeling for what we have.