Two groups of 5 rectors from the Kuils River Bishop area commenced Homiletics training

on 18 February 2019. These training sessions were facilitated by Shepherd L Wilson and Community Evangelist L Wilson. Training was scheduled from the date of commencement for the next 4 weeks on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

The 2-hour sessions focused on the art of constructing a contextual sermon. This would assist the rectors in delivering a sermon to meet the members in the circumstances they find themselves in. 

The course material was enthusiastically embraced and during the sessions much discussion took place. This was further enhanced by the sharing of personal experiences.

During the training sessions the groups were visited by Bishop B Norman and Community Evangelist M Cromhout was also invited to sit in sessions and provide advice where this was needed.

At the last session the two groups were joined for a presentation by Sonja Chinnian on how to respond to criticism, after which the Bishop B Norman addressed the delegates and wished them well.