Saturday 30 March 2019, marked the day of adventure and spiritual awakening at the Rondevlei Nature Reserve.

Picturesque views of Rondevlei greeted Sarepta Congregation's music team upon their arrival, setting the tone for an eventful weekend. After the comical ice-breaker and scrumptious breakfast prepared, the team headed out into the bushes, face to face with nature’s own. The team was educated about the fauna and flora that live in nature, by the tour guides. Surrounded by beautiful views of nature’s own and the harmony, as well as the chatter of the animals were the perfect symphony setting that made them connect beyond expectations.

Apostle Lambert joined the team later in the day to share a few thoughts that were welcomed with open hearts. He poured out words that flowed into channels of humility, serving God, serving His people and then to serve yourself. God blesses you with talents, but it is in your hands to grow and enhance your talent, the Apostle said. Apostle Lambert also said that as God’s servants, we need to strive to make God’s purpose our purpose, so that we can reach the goal of our faith.

The team attended the divine service on the Sunday in Grassy Park South Congregation, where the spirit moved their hearts to even higher heights. The Bible word out of John 13 verse 7, further cemented the music leaders, assuring them of God’s plan.

The music leaders took home words of humility, serving and most importantly, Godly love.