The weekend of 29 to 31 March 2019, saw the confirmands of Devon Park Congregation being treated to a spiritual camp at Worcester.

The main goal was to let the confirmands bond with one another, their teachers and spiritual leaders. Some of the weekend activities were a braai and a variety concert on the Friday evening. The children were divided into 4 teams and had to develop a plan to select an animal they represented, dress accordingly and do some singing and dancing acts on stage.

The Saturday morning, they experienced a guided tour to the Karoo Botanical Gardens where they could have a closer encounter with the creation of God. The afternoon was spent on some social upliftment, life skills presentations and also a confirmation lesson. Thereafter, it was leisure time around the pool.

On the Sunday they visited the Johnsons Park Congregation and thereafter, left for home after a fun-filled weekend that will never be forgotten.