On Friday 22 March 2019, the young people and ministers of Sarepta Congregation were en route to the Apostle Battery Campsite Llandudno, Cape Town.

Padkos packed and on the road, the young people's excitement spread like wildfire that lit up the way for a united spirit and memorable weekend. The Rector of the congregation launched the weekend with a warm welcome and an opening prayer that set the tone for a blessed and fruitful weekend. Red, blue, green and yellow were for the different teams that participated in the fun-filled activities. A friendly smile being on the top of the checklist was the pulse of the weekend, contributing to the lively team spirit and unique experiences of faith.

Tucked away in nature’s pocket, the young people had to get up at the crack of dawn for the team-building activities. The teams were ready for action and gave their all in the different activities with their team songs roaring on the shoreline. The Green team won the beach activities and the much-anticipated Potjiekos competition.

The Sunday morning divine service was the highlight of the weekend. The Bible word was out of Mark 9 verse 2. The teaching received was to stay faithful and to put your hand in God’s hand. As His children, we are filled with the Holy Spirit therefore, we can overcome anything.

A memorable weekend indeed filled with memories that will be cherished forever.