On 29 September 2019, the young people and ministers of Wavecrest Congregation gathered together to enjoy an afternoon of fun and camaraderie.

As the members joined to watch this memorable event unfold, the atmosphere started to build up within the players. Kick off began at 3pm after members filled up the stands to support the warriors of Wavecrest.

Five minutes into the game, the first unexpected goal was scored by the Rector, Community Evangelist C Cookson and the crowd went wild. Excitement started to increase and substitutions were constantly being made, to top up the performance of teams and keep the vibrancy of the game going. Deacons and priests outdone themselves on the field and showed some talent against the young ones. The Young People were surprised to see how much talent was within their ministers and worked extra hard on the field.

The support which came from the crowd gave the players the energy to keep going. The main purpose of this tournament was not for the win, but for the YP and ministers to enjoy themselves. At the end of the match, the trophy was awarded to both captains of the YP and ministers’ team. All the volunteered players were awarded the Wavecrest warriors' title for their participation and sportsmanship.