On Saturday, 12 October 2019, voluntary choir and orchestra members from Kimberley and Kathu joined the Upington choir and orchestra members, at the AJ Ferreira Secondary School in Upington.

Although coming from different areas, it was easy to present music of a particular standard with hearts that turned into the frequency of oneness. The NAC members and community were encouraged to join the blessed encounter. Prior to the concert in Upington, the choir members joined as a group to rehearse for the first time in the Upington Region.

The musical presentation was well received by all in attendance – a total of 153 attendees filled the venue. The Sunday School children from Upington performed three beautiful children’s hymns. An opening hymn was sung by the audience to participate in the concert. The audience was thanked for supporting the concert, as well as their presence at the venue by the District Rector, District Elder Marais. All proceeds will be used for the music development in the Kimberley Apostle Area.

The musicians and Sunday School children were thanked for the beautiful and inspiring musical items they presented. The concert was concluded with a closing hymn that was sung by everybody in attendance and a closing prayer.

The choir and orchestra members spent the night in Upington and attended the Sunday divine service in Oosterville Congregation, Upington.