This was the theme of the conference over the weekend of 13 – 15 September 2019, held by

the Apostle Swartbooi for all rectors, district rectors and coordinators of the Kimberley Apostle Area.

On Friday the 13th, everybody arrived and checked in for the conference. The official welcome was done by the Apostle Swartbooi. The brothers had a fellowship that evening and retired to bed for a busy schedule planned for Saturday, 14 September. 

The Saturday started with a spiritual portion by Apostle Swartbooi. After that, presentations were done by various brothers and a sister. The day ended with a choir and recorder practice for all rectors and district rectors. Some of the ministers received their certificates for completing the Homiletics training.

On Sunday, the delegates had the opportunity to attend a divine service in Greenpoint-Kimberley Congregation, where the Apostle conducted the service. Two holy acts (ordination & sealing), were performed. All the rectors and district rectors joined the choir, as well as the recorder ensemble. 

After the divine service the delegates returned to the conference venue to wrap up the remainder of the conference. Thereafter, the delegates had a lunch and those travelling from afar returned to their respective homes.