On Friday 15 March 2019, the SS teachers, parents and ministers of Greenpoint-Kimberley Congregation, hosted a sleepover for the SS children at the church.

The objective was to do preparation for the visit of Chief Apostle and to improve the attendance of the recorder project, as well as the Sunday School, through fun activities.  The recorder project started in 2018, but only 18 children pitched up for extra classes and the average SS attendance for 2019 was 42%. Since the preparation, more children joined the classes and more children attended the Wednesday divine services.

Sunday School children (74%) arrived at the church on Friday at 18:00 dressed in their pajamas and with their bedding. A big tent was pitched up in the church yard. The programme consisted of choir practices, intensive group recorder training, icebreakers, aerobics, campfire songs, braaiing of marshmallows, a talent show and a movie.

The highlight of the evening was the surprise visit of the Apostle Swartbooi who shared a few light moments with the children. The joy, energy and excitement were felt through the evening.  The programme resumed with a hot breakfast the following morning and continued choir practice, and recorder rehearsals.

At 7 o’clock the children packed up and participated in a cleanup operation in and around the church. Each child received a surprise packet and left the church for home, sad to leave the wonderful fellowship.