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As part of their preparation for Thanksgiving Day, the members of Silvertown congregation embarked on a ‘1000 Roll Initiative.’

They aimed to prepare 1000 rolls and donate it to the underprivileged communities in the nearby informal settlements. This was part of their Thanks 'giving' approach, which goes with the belief of loving and caring for our neighbour.

After a few hours of preparation work, the Rector was pleased to announce that the goal had been reached. Following a few words of thanks from the Rector, the Apostle Robert Worship made a surprise visit before the members embarked on their Community Outreach. The Apostle expressed his thanks to the members for their hard work and making this initiative work.

Thereafter, members went to various locations to hand out the rolls. This truly was a humbling experience in playing our role and served as a most blessed preparation for Thanksgiving Day 2019.