On 29 March 2019, the Tableview YPiC went camping to get to know one another better, including those who were confirmed this year.

This event took place over one weekend at the ‘BACK to BASICS’ camping site, where they focused not only on team-building skills and support of one another, but also on their spiritual goals.

They enjoyed a night around the campfire, did a life-line walk through the dark woods, learnt skills that built trust and support among them. The young people also did hiking trails and treasure hunts, built rafts and paddled across lakes, which pushed many out of their comfort zones. A spiritual discussion with their Rector also allowed them to talk about their faith and how to apply it in their lives as young people.

A powerful divine service, with an orchestra of 3 recorders and 1 silver flute as support, was held on the Sunday morning. The Bible word out of John 13:7 was used as the basis for the service.

They left with the best of relationships built, both spiritually and naturally. Thanks is given to God for keeping them safe during their travels and stay. They are also thankful to their spiritual leader and friend, Priest Joel Kadalie, for his guidance and kindness.