On Thursday 31 January 2019, the confirmands and parents of the Durbanville Congregation gathered

for the final preparations ahead of confirmation on Sunday 3 February 2019. In addition to the practising of the vow and some guidance for the day, the parents gathered for a confirmation lesson. The Rector of the congregation, Shepherd Gavin van der Hoven, shared with the parents the following thought of the Chief Apostle with regard to the period post confirmation: “However, the fact that they have reached religious maturity does not absolve us of our responsibility towards them. In fact, God expects us to continue to let them share – perhaps even more so than before – in the spiritual riches He has entrusted to us.” (Confirmation DSG for Sunday 3 February 2019,  by the Chief Apostle).

Parents encouraged one another to be the first example in all things, pray together, attend God's house together, serve God together and instil the required discipline, to ensure that our young people learn to love God and His work with greater depth.  The Rector also introduced the Priest for the Young People, as well as the Young People's Leader.