Apostle Area - Cape-Central

On Sunday, 15 January 2017, congregants gathered in their numbers for a divine service held by Apostle R Worship in Parow West Congregation. The Apostle was accompanied by the visiting Bishop L Masule from Katima Mulilo and Bishop L Ravell. The Bible word used for the service was from Ezekiel 3:10, “Moreover He said to me: ‘Son of man, receive into your heart all My words that I speak to you, and hear with your ears.’” The encouragement from the Apostle was to accept the teaching in faith, irrespective of who delivers the Word from the living altar. We need to walk in faith and listen to the voice of God. The fundamental points for the service were:

1. Whatever we go through in life let us apply our faith and trust in God

2. Let us resist and fight all forms of evil

3. Let us strive to do the will of God.

The Bishop Masule built on the captivating message and encouraged the congregants to obey the Word and the will of the Lord. During this festive divine service, the Apostle performed the special act of Holy Sealing. The Rector of Parow West, District Evangelist Denver Williams and his wife Michelle, received their silver wedding blessing. The choir rendered the beautiful hymn collection piece: “Continue in my Love”. The Apostle referred to how fitting this was for the couple, as he provided the congregation with brief snippets out of their 25 years history of marriage. The divine service concluded with a very festive and joyous rendering of hymn 164, “This is the day”, by the choir.

The air was festive and it definitely felt like Christmas already on Sunday 4 December 2016, when Apostle R. Worship was welcomed by the rector, rector helpers and all the deacons of Parow Valley Congregation.

Bellville Bishop Area was able to hand over 3 000 cans as part of the project to collect 50 000 cans for those in need.

Sunday 20 November 2016, dawned as a beautiful spring morning without a breath of wind – the ideal day for bikers to be out and about.