On Sunday, 22 September 2019, Apostle Liwakala visited Sizwati Congregation in the Mafuta District.

He was welcomed by a team of choir members, the District Rector for Mafuta, Shepherd Franco Kachibolelwa, as well as District Elder Desmond Sankwasa of Impalila District, and Rectors for Mafuta.

The Apostle stressed the fact that we cannot tell the Lord what to do, and the Lord cannot be influenced by us to take certain actions. He does as He sees it fit. District Elder Sankwasa was called to serve along.

The total attendance was 135 adults, 40 children and 6 visitors. Eight souls were sealed; while five Priests and three Deacons were ordained.

After the last musical item by the choir and orchestra, the Apostle greeted the members, and bid them farewell as he had to travel to Makusi Congregation.