On Sunday 03 March 2019, Apostle Liwakala was scheduled to serve the congregation of Impalila.

He was accompanied by District Elder Desmond Sankwasa and Priest Alpha Liseli. The three servants had to cross the Chobe River, using a boat to get to the island.

A vehicle belonging to one of the members was available, to transport the three ministers to the church venue. Upon arrival, the Apostle was greeted by the choir and the rector of the congregation, Shepherd Muimanenwa. There was great joy, as the members had an apostle for the service for the departed for the first time.

The Apostle read Psalm 145:18-19. He informed the congregation of the visit of District Apostle J Kriel to the congregation on Thursday, 07 March 2019. After the divine service, members began singing and dancing, in anticipation of the visit of the District Apostle.