Regional Concerts

The launch of the new Afrikaans hymnal will be on Sunday 03 September 2017 (Friendship Day). It is the desire of our District Apostle to have simultaneous launch concerts throughout the DA area which is to be scheduled for the afternoon of Friendship Day. As far as possible these concerts are to be BI area-wise, or as per local conditions.


  • As this will be a programme based on choir & organ/piano, the music leaders are encouraged to create variety in performance by using soloists, instrumental solos as well as a combination. Here and there if the piece lends itself to it, it could be performed as a vocal solo/duet, etc., however, as far as possible the choir should perform the bulk of the programme.
  • The scores being used for the concerts are as they will appear in the hymnal except for 2 items:
    -Bewaar sy word
    -Hy is wonderlik
  • With these 3 items, you’ll have an option to either do the arranged version or the hymnal version (both are provided).

Below, please find the link to all the scores, audio files and the programme for the concert.

For more information, contact NAC-SA music department on (021) 700 2200