On Sunday 4 December 2011, following the closing of the year Sunday school service, the Sunday school children, Religious Instruction class and Confirmands of the congregation of De Kuilen took the congregation on a time-travelling journey to the time in Bethlehem by depicting events and happenings around the time of the birth of Christ. 

A stage decorated in festive attire, together with the children, formed part of the theatrics and portrayals. The children more than captured the essence of Christmas by reminding everyone that Christmas is about the birth of Christ and that’s the real reason for celebrations. 

It was also then that a milestone achievement for every child and parent was highlighted and celebrated - in the form of a graduation ceremony. Twelve pre-Sunday school children made their way to the front of the church where the rector, Shepherd G van der Hoven, presented each child with a certificate of completion and readiness for “big Sunday school”. They were more than eager to show their excitement and happiness when showering the shepherd with hugs after which they posed for photographs capturing this momentous occasion.

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