“‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.’” With this declaration from the Bible word in John 6:68, the Apostle R Worship served the South Hills Congregation on Wednesday 15 March 2017.

The neighbouring La Rochelle congregation, all the retired ministers and wives, as well as the widows and widowers from the South Rand District, were all invited. Apostle Worship fondly reflected on visiting the La Rochelle congregation some 25 years ago - the warm reception experienced then, has left a lasting impression on him and his wife.

The message shared: firstly, in order for us to also acknowledge and appreciate the words of eternal life, we need to focus and always prepare for our encounter in GOD's house. Secondly, we need to receive the word in faith. In this regard the Apostle shared a comment from a retired minister on how he received the word from the altar, "Yes, at times the phrasing from the speaker sounds wrong, but I make it right in my soul!" Lastly, only the application of the word can bring change in us - positive change in the image of Christ. District Elder Bourne and Shepherd Bossert served along.

District Elder Bourne thanked the Apostle Worship for his visit. A blessed experience concluded with the Apostle greeting all present and even enjoying moments of fellowship.