Apostle Area - JM Joubert

The Youth Weekend of 28 – 30 October 2016 to ATKV Klein Kariba was a huge success.
The rectors spent most of the weekend engaging directly with their youth, in order to break down the barriers between the youth and rectors. Each rector together with his youth also walked away with a plan and a well-laid platform on how to get the youth more involved in God’s work and to take responsibilities for their own congregations.
When the last group of youth arrived at the resort Friday evening, the fires were burning and the youth was in full cry. Upon arrival a general welcome was done by the Evangelist Keefer. The District Elder Danie Nel then opened with prayer.
Dinner followed which consisted of a braai with pap and sauce, salads and rolls with jam and cheese. The youth entertained with several games which drew laughter from all that were there.
The Saturday morning started at 05:30 with a mountain climbing session for all the youth and rectors. At their destination on the top, the Deacon Nico Nienaber shared a word with the youth from Isaiah 40:30 & 31. Returning to the camp, the youth composed some war cries which were shared with all.
After the breakfast it was down to serious business as each congregation, together with the rector had to put together a volleyball team. After several play-off games between different congregations, Booysens congregation emerged victorious. They challenged the office bearers to a game, unfortunately to their own detriment, as the older boys comfortably beat the youth in a very exciting game of volleyball.
Later on the youth came together in the lecture hall where the District Evangelist Nel explained to the youth the importance of “finding your place in the congregation”. During a break-away session the youth together with their respective rectors per congregation had a discussion on what roles the youth could fulfill in the congregations.
In the afternoon the Evangelist Keefer had a session with the youth on Leadership. As they had then all accepted new responsibilities in the congregation, this would place them in a leadership role within the congregation.
After dinner each congregation with the youth and rectors presented their plan on how to get the youth more involved in the congregation through a role play. Although very serious there was also lots of humor in the plays and mostly commitments from the youth. Several new doorkeepers, choir conductors, an organist and even a sister who really wants to be a priest came out of the plays.
Sunday morning started with breakfast; thereafter the 5 new young doorkeepers (4 of them were sisters) started to prepare the chapel as God’s house where the divine service was held.
For the divine service, the District Elder used the word from Psalm 139:24. After the divine service everyone involved was thanked and then it was time to take the long trip back home.

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