Apostle Area MINTOOR G

Apostle G. Mintoor met with some priestly ministries in Nobuhle on Thursday, 09 February 2017. As part of the agenda he used NACTV and the programme “Behind the word” presented by Community Evangelist Markus Cromhout. It is important that priestly ministries understand their monthly divine service guide. While the layout is clear with a Bible verse, message and an elaboration, the context of the Word is equally important. “Behind the word”, presented on a Thursday, is a series earmarked to assist priestly ministries in preparation for the divine service the following Sunday.

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On 5 February 2017, Apostle G. Mintoor conducted in our Rosedale-Uitenhage church, a special preparation divine service for our Confirmands 2017. A similar group gathered in Aberdeen and Beaufort-West. Confirmands were encouraged with the Bible word, 2 Corinthians 7:16. The message was: The Lord and His servants have confidence in you.

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On Sunday 29 January 2017, the Sunday school had their official opening with a Sunday school service combined with the congregation. The children had a choir practice on Saturday afternoon and also engaged in cleaning the church hall.
On Sunday morning the doorkeepers were at church at 08:00 and the members were ushered into church by the young boys.
The Bible word came from Genesis 1:31 (a portion) which read,  “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.” The main focus was placed on the creation in 7 days, as well as the theme for 2017, “Glory be to God our Father”.  The children were taught that they had to recognise the greatness of God. After the service, the Sunday school children together with their teachers, were introduced to the congregation.

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“Glory be to God our Father”, a thought which resounds in the hearts of those thinking back to the opening of the divine Sunday school service with the children and the whole congregation. A beautiful atmosphere was felt as the focus on the children created such a feeling. Participation from the children before and also during the divine service contributed to the festivity. Already with their preparation during practices the Saturday, it was evident that their anticipation and excitement for the Sunday were present. Young brothers and sisters responded to the call to be early and stood at the door, ushered members in and played in the orchestra. Even an aspiring organist played before service. Finding young brothers at the door in the isle and on the organ in Rustdene Congregation, Beaufort West, were moments that were created that these children will never forget. Photos of Kwa-mandlenkosi Congregation, a school classroom where services are held, portray the introduction of classes with their teachers. Even the members could see that there was an energy that something was happening and it once again brought them back to the Bible word that God created all things. Even in this, one can conclude: ‘It was very good….’

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The Sunday school year programme ended on a festive note in Rustdene Congregation on Sunday 04 December 2016.