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The weekend of 2-4 December 2016 in Upington will live in the hearts of the children forever. The children’s choir of Hopetown and Prieska embarked on their journey to Upington with much enthusiasm and excitement to form part of an Advent Choral scheduled for Sunday the 4th of December 2016.
Their activities took place at Oosterville Congregation. After lunch the children started with rehearsals for the divine service and the music hour. Thereafter, the group went to the home of District Elder Marais where they swam and played on the grass while the “potjiekos” was being prepared.
On Sunday morning the children’s choir visited the old age home before the Sunday School Divine Service. A few hymns of Praise to God were sung and just before the group left, one of the nursing staff requested Community Evangelist Gorrah to conduct a short sermon as the resident minister did not turn up for the scheduled service. God's hand was seen in this and it was echoed in the sentiments of the seniors. 
Thereafter, the group left to attend the Sunday School Service in Rosedale with the children of Oosterville, Sunrise and Rosedale. The congregants were touched by the Word and added to the excitement for the concert to start.  The preparation for the Advent Concert started in all earnestness at the beginning of August 2016. Under the directorship of Vernon Human and his capable assistants they prepared the committed adult and children’s choir members, which included the children’s choir of Kenhardt and a few choir members of Vredendal. Everyone invited enjoyed the renditions of the children and adult choir to tremendous applause; even standing ovations.
The concert was a huge success which was echoed by all present, including the District Elder Marais who celebrated a special birthday, with the whole congregation singing happy birthday to him. The concert was also meant to prepare all hearts and souls for the visit of our dear Chief Apostle and also serve as an inspiration for the Sunday school children, to entice them to also be interested in playing a musical instrument.

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On Sunday 4 December 2016,  the retired Priest May and his wife received their Golden (50th) wedding anniversary blessing out of the hand of the Apostle M Arendse in Bonteheuwel Central Congregation. The couple was described as a beautiful example in the congregation, especially to the youth.
During the divine service, 46 children and adults also received the sacrament of the Holy Sealing and two priests - Priest Davids and Priest Adams - were placed into retirement.

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The Sunday School children of Bonteheuwel East Congregation paid a special visit to Red Cross Children’s Hospital  towards the end of November 2016, to bring some joy ahead of Christmas.

You can view the latest program of activities that are planned to take place in the Stellenbosch Bishop Area by clicking here: Program STELLENBOSCH BI AREA (This is the official program of the Bishop Grant James and Apostle Matthew Arendse.)

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District Apostle Helper J. Kriel travelled to Kenhardt, about 700 km from Cape Town, to re-dedicate the church on Sunday 27 November 2016.