With the mercury dropping to 14ﹾ they could be forgiven to think that they would experience a white Christmas - a condition in sharp contrast with the hearts of the children of the Lord in the congregation of Kransdraai. Their hearts were ablaze with the news that they were about to receive their own church and that they would build it.

The festivities of Saturday 10 December 2016, started with a divine service conducted by Bishop Naidoo, using the Bible word from Romans 13:12. He highlighted why we come to divine services in the first place, namely to receive the word of God and to have fellowship with Christ; having full understanding that we do not come to hear the minister but to listen to what our Heavenly Father wants to tell us. Linking this to the Bible word, the Bishop advised on how our attitude should change under the word so that we would turn away from activities of darkness.

The Bishop also referred to the armour needed to fight darkness, namely Faith, Hope and Love. This was echoed by the District Evangelist David Law and the Rector Patrick Baxter who served in Afrikaans.

Pursuant to the blessing received in the divine service, the congregation moved to the site where the church would be built. The Bishop was welcomed with the hymn "When we walk with the Lord". Pleading with our Heavenly Father to bless this site and the building of the church, it was with great excitement that the first sod was turned, assisted by dear sister Louisa Rose, affectionately referred to as Ouma by all, who gave this site for the building. The excitement visible on all faces, coupled with the eagerness to start, the District Evangelist Law who is in the construction business looked on and promised his guidance throughout the process.

In this rural community where unemployment is rife, it has become custom to share. Having a pioneer like Ouma who opened her home and giving the site, it was with a sense of reciprocation that Christmas hampers were handed to her and those in need.

Acknowledging that this will probably be his last service for the year in Kransdraai, the Bishop spent a few minutes in fellowship with the congregation. The faces of the little ones lit up when they were given sweets, drinks and chips to enhance the spirit of Christmas. Indeed a day to remember.