On Sunday 07 June 2015 Bishop Johan Bucchianeri conducted a Divine Service in Scottsdene Congregation, Kraaifontein Area where all the NEW YOUTH (recently confirmed) were officially welcomed into the Youth.

 A special text word from District Apostle Noel Barnes for the divine service was taken from:
Matthew 28:20 – “. . . .and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
The Youth were excited to hear what the Lord had in store for them and waited with great anticipation for the divine service to commence at 11:00.
The Bishop mentioned that the abuse of drugs is becoming a great concern. He said that when he was in the Youth, “TIK” was unheard of. He went on to say that the Youth must guard against the onslaughts of Satan.
After the Divine Service, the Bishop asked if there were Youth who celebrated a birthday. Two Youth brothers celebrated their birthdays, one of them celebrated his 21st Birthday. The Bishop then wished them both well and the Happy Birthday song was sung.
Thereafter, all Youth greeted and headed homeward.