This was the theme for the Sunday school coordinators’ conference held from 17-19 July 2015.

The delegates arrived on the Friday evening and despite the rain, one immediately felt the warmth of meeting sisters and brothers who share the same passion – a love for Sunday school!
Delegates were split into two teams and the first order of business was to visit the Night Shelter for Adults and Bright Lights Shelter for young boys in the Sir Lowry’s Pass and Somerset West area. The purpose of the visit was to serve supper to these groups and to arrange some games and karaoke - all in the spirit of aligning with our theme of sharing and caring. What an enriching experience!
The delegates then returned to Dennekraal where, after dinner, Apostle Swartbooi and Bishop Flores shared the agenda for the next day. Then there was a short team-building exercise before retiring, as an early start to the following day was expected.
Immediately after breakfast, delegates met again at the Conference centre and soon everyone was engaging in conversation around the growth and development of Sunday school. Wonderful experiences were shared and objectives were set for the ensuing year. Delegates also discussed the challenges faced in the different geographical areas and how to grow and develop Sunday school from good to great!
Apostle Swartbooi provided a spiritual portion taken from John 13:33 -“Little children, I shall be with you a little while longer...” This text word is taken from the conversation Jesus had with His disciples shortly before His crucifixion. Apostle Swartbooi reminded those present that the little time we have at our disposal would surely determine the intensity with which we perform our tasks - Life is not determined by time, but by moments of Gracious living.
One of the highlights of the weekend was celebrating “Christmas in July” with the Sir Lowry’s Pass Sunday school children. Delegates had prepared ‘SANTA’ boxes for each child and just before lunch, they shared some time with the children and handed over the gifts. It was wonderful to see the absolute delight on the faces of the children.
In the latter part of Saturday afternoon, there was heightened excitement when delegates were placed into groups to discuss the theme for the following year. Apostle Swartbooi guided the groups to focus the theme on the Ten Commandments and after only a few minutes, there were variations on the theme that took most by surprise – the synergy was evident and even though there were different ideas, there was a golden thread that could not be ignored – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and your neighbour as yourself!
The weekend culminated in a divine service at Sir Lowry’s Pass congregation, conducted by Bishop Flores, while Apostle Swartbooi served in the neighbouring congregation of Somerset 1819.