There was much excitement and joy on Easter Sunday morning as the  Sunday School children and teachers of Somerset West 1931 Congregation prepared to present their Easter Passion play.

They had practised for the past month and then their big moment had arrived to perform for the Congregation.

The Passion play depicted still scenes of the days leading up to Jesus’ trial, arrest, sentence, last supper, Garden of Gethsemane, crucifixion and His resurrection. This was accompanied by the angel choir, who recited the still scenes. The choir and congregational singing was also used to display the still scenes.

The angel choir recited – “Wash! Watch Jesus kneeling down, washing feet of men, though He wears a crown. Wash! Wash! To be with me always, I have to wash your feet, before we part our ways,” while it was demonstrated how Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. They also displayed the message of HOPE that “Jesus is alive and risen”.