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On Saturday 18 February 2017, Wavecrest Congregation had their second fellowship for 2017, in the form of  a congregational breakfast. The aim was for the congregants to enjoy one another’s company in an informal environment and by doing so, obeying the commandment of God to “Love one another” and upholding one of the pillars of our Faith, fellowship. This was proved by the ambiance that radiated from the gathering. What an awesome morning spent.

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On Friday 17 February 2017, congregations were turned into classrooms as the Tafelsig Bishop Area Youth had their Back to School get together, in preparation for the Youth Service on 20 February 2017.
In most congregations the youth arrived sporting their school clothes and ministers played along too, by pretending to be teachers. The youth enjoyed refreshments and all kinds of activities. They took part in games such as dominoes, 30-seconds and "Holy brainteasers". The festivities ended at 21:00, with prayer by the ministers who were present.

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On the 19th of February 2017, the youth of Tafelsig Bishop Area (TBA) had their first Youth Service at Macassar Congregation. District Elder Lee, led the service with the Bible word from James 2 :15 – 17:  “If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, ‘Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,’ but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.’” (NKJV) He explained that one should practise what one preaches. Shepherd K Johnson, the rector of Tafelsig Congregation was called to serve and added that giving money and material things are not the only way to help those in need, sometimes offering our time and words of encouragement are also appreciated. The choir ended the service with a beautiful rendition of  “The heav’ns are praising” with Chezray Sauls as the choir conductor. Thereafter, Deacon A Crouch informed the youth about the upcoming one day trip to Worcester.

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Saturday 18 February 2017 was a memorable day for the seniors of the Tafelsig South Congregation. Breakfast was prepared by the Sunday school teachers and served by the Sunday school children. Thereafter, the teachers served the children with breakfast. The seniors enjoyed every minute of the joyous occasion with the highlight being posing for photographs taken in their photo booth. The seniors of the church are very special, thus it is important to treat them well.

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On Saturday 18 February 2017, the teachers of Tafelsig Congregation went to Solomons Haven, a safe-keeping home, situated in New Woodlands, Mitchell’s Plain. Some of the children who are placed in the care of the owner, Maria Solomons, are either orphans, or are taken out of abusive homes and placed in the haven. Tafelsig Congregation works closely with Solomons Haven and on Sunday 30 October 2016, at the Youth Interfaith Concert which was held at Tafelsig Congregation, the Church adopted the haven, which meant that the Church would send donations and supplies to the child care centre, to ensure the well-being of all the children there.
The Sunday school coordinator of Tafelsig Congregation, Olivia Fortune, donated the clothing, shoes, and toys on behalf of the teachers, and stated that it had become a priority for the Sunday school teachers to help and donate to the children at the haven. Thereafter, each teacher also adopted a child, which means for as long as the child is at the haven, the teacher would contribute to the needs of the child. The assigned teacher may also take the children on excursions; creating a close bond between the children and the teachers which is imperative within this initiative. Each teacher had an opportunity to spend some time with the child they had adopted, by exchanging names, birthdays, as well as taking photos together. There was much excitement between the teachers, as they thought of all the outings which could be planned for the children.  Although the circumstances which these children find themselves in are quite difficult and saddening, the teachers at Tafelsig congregation have taken it upon themselves to make the lives of these kids better to the best of their abilities.  Through the grace of God the teachers will try their best to let the children know that they are not alone and motivate them to have a positive outlook on life. 

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