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On Saturday, 18 February 2017, the Kuils River Bishop Area, Sunday School Coordinators  gathered at the Highbury Congregation for a leadership workshop.

The workshop was opened with a prayer and followed with an applicable ice-breaker, which allowed a conversation to highlight some critical leadership criteria and characteristics.

During the session, participants unpacked the process of getting to know themselves and the importance of their emotional intelligence which brings about self-awareness, empathy and sensitivity when dealing with others. It furthermore unpacked humility as a critical characteristic of Spiritual Leadership and the Christ-like leadership style that should be portrayed.

The session was summarised with the new perspectives of the participants, which were gained during the session and concluded with the most beautiful quote – “Leadership is not being in charge, Leadership is taking care of those in your charge!”

The group enjoyed delicious eats beautifully laid out. Good fellowship was fostered amongst one another. A detailed planning session for 2017 followed the workshop.

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A blessed service was encountered with the visit of Apostle A Kriel in Malibu Congregation on Sunday 19 February 2017. The Bible word he used was from John 6:53-54, “Then Jesus said to them, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.’”

The Apostle spoke about God who is in our presence and how the nourishment for our spiritual life lies in partaking of the body and blood of Jesus. The Apostle called up the Rector Jacobs from Malibu, as well as the Rector Rhode from The Conifers.

After Holy Communion beloved brothers were placed into retirement. Firstly, there was Priest Leonard Petersen who said that music was an integral part of his upbringing. He loves playing the guitar and enjoyed singing in the then called "special choir". He worked in Bellville and bordering farm areas as a choir conductor. Secondly, there was Deacon Adam BJ Adams who had a passion for testifying. The highlight for the Deacon was having to hold the divine service on a Christmas morning when there were no priestly ministers available. This was a powerful experience for him and strengthened his believe that with the Lord all things are possible.

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On the evening of 8 February 2017, the congregation of Highbury, was served by the Apostle A. Kriel.
The Bible word for the divine service was taken out of Hebrews 10:23, “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” (NKJV).  Through the teaching of our Apostle the hope and desire to remain faithful and be found worthy on the day of the Lord was rekindled in the hearts and souls of the congregants. 
The Apostle also sealed 3 babies. The word from the Apostle to the parents of the babies was: “We know who we are, we have an identity. We are children of God. Let us always remember our identity and not develop an identity crisis”.

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In the late 80s the area of Blue Downs grew immensely and this gave home to the first New Apostolic families, previously served from the congregation of Kleinvlei North. After some time, two house congregations were established from the homes of the Fredericks and Jantjies families. As the congregation grew, the houses could not accommodate the number of members. Later on the Tuscany Glen Primary School was used for divine services. Although the premises of the school were convenient, suitable ground was found on which to build a church.
The turning-of-the-sod ceremony took place on 23 March 1991 with the building of the church commencing in April. At the dedication service on Sunday 18 December 1991, held by the then District Apostle EH Graf, the Shepherd Howden Jacobs was appointed as rector of the congregation. During the last 25 years several rectors were appointed, amongst them were as follows: Bernard Brooks, George Davids, Patrick Williams, Raymond Daniels and Lucien Petersen. Today the congregation is in the care of Rector Ben Kinnear.
The 25th celebration of the Tuscany Glen Congregation took place on 12 February 2017. It was only fitting to start off the jubilee celebrations with the divine service held by the Apostle A Kriel. The Apostle used a Bible word from Daniel 3:17-18. The Bible word was ideal for the celebrations as it illustrated how the congregation of Tuscany Glen continued to serve the Lord with love throughout the 25 years and will continue to serve the Lord in the coming years. The District Elder E Meyer was called to assist and continued to say that the Lord would be proud of the congregation as they have remained faithful, despite the obstacles that they might have faced through the years.
The Apostle sealed 15 souls which were added to the fold. He also placed two deacons into retirement, namely Deacon Arendse who served as a minister for 34 years and Deacon Saville who served for 31 years. He also blessed the congregation with two new deacons: Deacon Florence and Deacon Van Wyk.
The festivities concluded with a musical hour performed by the congregation choir, orchestra, Sunday school and senior choir. The performances left the audience speechless. The musical hour was attended by the previous rectors of the congregation, business owners and church leaders of the community, as well as the local Muslim leader (imam) of Tuscany Glen, as well as  the members of the congregation and community.
Months of hard work and preparations culminated in an electrifying and most blessed day, enjoyed by all.

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The excitement was tangible and practically greeted the congregants in the parking lot. Happy, bubbly children were visible in all corners of the four walls and it sure made all excited for this very special service. The children took their responsibilities as ushers, doorkeepers and choir very seriously and with such delight, it was a pleasure to watch them move with such enthusiasm in God’s house. They were at their best behaviour from start to finish and really impressed the entire congregation.
The Bible word, especially chosen for the special occasion was taken from the book of Genesis 1, a portion of verse 31. This was unpacked beautifully to both young and aged and everyone in between and definitely kept gazes glued to the altar.
When the service was concluded, all classes with their teachers were introduced to the congregation and the children waved their little hands, complete with big smiles. After the divine service, they were surprised with a little treat and were most delighted by this.
What a joyful buzz the experience in our Father’s house was!

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