On Saturday 4 March 2017, a group of very energetic confirmands met on the Grand Parade in Cape Town for the last planned group outing before their confirmation.

The group formed a circle on the Parade and the Bishop area administrator gave a brief history of the parade, before the group ventured up to the Company's Garden where the Slave Lodge is situated. 

Upon arrival at the lodge, the confirmands received a map and were taken into various parts of the historical building. It was a very educational and informative tour for them. The children even had a chance to be 'holed up' together in the tiny cells that were used for the slaves. They also learnt about the importance and the meaning of slave names. The confirmands also found out how the slaves lived, how they worked and how they contributed to the growth of Cape Town.

Close to the conclusion of the tour, Bishop Lutuli joined the group to do some reflection and preparation for the Service for the Departed which was to take place the following day.