Apostle Area 02

Ministers and brothers of Macassar Congregation kicked off the new year with a cleaning spree. On 21 January 2017, they swept the floors, dusted the furniture and vacuumed the carpets. They even cleaned the garden and the churchyard. Coming together to clean the church building allowed these men of God to strengthen their bond. A church building that is taken care of is always appreciated and is more welcoming. Ultimately, all their hard work paid off with a delicious gatsby and great fellowship.

It is not often that one can surprise one's Bishop, but on 26 December 2016, on the occasion of the birthday of Bishop VD Fisher, he received the surprise of his life when the Rectors and Bishop Area Coordinators of the Tafelsig Bishop Area surprised him, with the help of his family who were in on it. Wonderful and unforgettable moments could be spent in the presence of the Bishop and his family. Ministers often make time for others and on this special occasion the Rectors and Bishop Area Coordinators took time out of their festive activities, to do something special for their Bishop - an act of kindness and love.

Lentegeur Congregation, together with six smaller congregations of Lentegeur Bishop Area experienced a special encounter with our heavenly Father when they were served by the Apostle M. Arendse, on Wednesday the 18th of January 2017.
The message relayed to the congregation shed light on a question that might have crossed the minds of many of God’s children: Who am I? Through the example that was set by Jesus Christ, when he walked the earth, the Apostle made clear the identity and the role of God’s children. The Apostle stated that it is our purpose to serve one another and that we could measure ourselves by how much we do for others. He further urged the members to look into the mirror of God and call to Him when in doubt and faced with difficulties in their daily lives. He freely shared experiences of faith, which demonstrated how quick God’s response is to the call of His children, often much quicker than we expect, when we call out in faith.
Sixteen souls, three of whom were adults, were added to the fold through the act of Holy Sealing performed by the visiting Apostle Arendse.
A truly blessed occasion was experienced by the children of God, who could with heart and soul concur with the choir who with gusto sang their rendition of “How Excellent”.

On 15 January 2017, the Sunday School children of the Tafelsig Bishop Area (TBA) were given an orientation lesson on what is expected for the year.

Children gathered in masses after the divine service, joined by their parents and ministers. Rectors opened with a prayer and then began with their presentation. The presentation was about the way the Church's mission and vision are incorporated in Sunday School teaching. Focus was also placed on the objectives of Sunday School and the importance of Sunday School materials, such as workbooks, the Bible, Catechism, Hymnal and recorder. The theme for 2017: Glory be to God, our Father, was also highlighted. Children and parents were introduced to their Sunday School teachers and the importance of communication and parental involvement were discussed.

On Sunday 4 December 2016, the youth of Tafelsig Bishop Area went on a mission trip.
Their first stop was at the Hermanus Lagoon, where the sights of the ocean and gardens were appreciated. Thereafter, the youth attended the divine service at Gansbaai Congregation. As basis for this service, the Bible word was from Deuteronomy 18:15. Bishop VD Fisher also called Shepherd T. Berggren to serve alongside. The service ended on a high note, with Christmas hymns and carols to get everyone into the festive mood.
The service was also attended by visitors from Retreat and the New Apostolic Bikers Association, with bikers from all over Cape Town, as well as two bikers from Germany.
After the divine service, the TBA youth made their way to Bredasdorp. There they visited and sang for residents of the Bredasdorp Safehouse. The Safehouse offers immediate trauma counselling to all women, age 18 and older who are victims of abuse and domestic violence. 
Thereafter, they were welcomed by Assistant Nurse Anna Marie Kaptein and the seniors at “Ons Huis” – home for the elderly. The seniors were very happy with their Christmas hats and snacks, provided by the TBA youth. Their joy was visible by the way they were laughing, clapping hands and singing along to “Feliz Navidad”.
The day ended at the Southern Tip of Africa, where the youth could play touch rugby and swim in the beautiful blue waters of Struisbaai with the longest (14 km) uninterrupted white sand beach in the Southern Hemisphere. All the youth enjoyed the day thoroughly and most have reported that the best part was being together.

The congregations of Bell Glen A, Bell Glen B and New Macassar enjoy a very interesting and unique set-up.  They attend divine services in 2 houses situated right next to each other.  One may ask but how do 3 congregations worship in 2 service venues.
For many years the congregation of New Macassar have had their Sunday service at 07:30 on a Sunday, affording the congregations of Bell Glen A and B the opportunity to have service at 09:00.  On a Wednesday evening, Bell Glen A and B combine, while New Macassar have their service on their own. For the closing choir practice for 2016, the 3 congregations combined for a blessed fellowship.  The District Elder Lee and ministers took the opportunity to thank the choir for the sacrifices of love throughout the year.

What a beautiful space they were in on 20 December 2016. Members of Wavecrest Congregation experienced the birth of Jesus Christ through a presentation of Carols by Candlelight.
A joyful harmonic, unrestricted “noise” was made. The tunes that flowed out of their mouths were an indication of what lived in their hearts. They were reminded of LOVE: to love unconditionally, love has no boundaries. It is the love of Jesus Christ that brought everyone together. One should not hold on to the weaknesses and wrongdoings of others but rather embrace them with love and strive for the same goal - the return of our dear Lord, our Emmanuel.
The ambience portrayed through the lighting of the candles was the forerunner to the joyous fellowship that followed.

The visit of the Chief Apostle J-L Schneider in December 2016, brought great joy to all congregations.  With it also the ordination of the new District Apostle JL Kriel.
The ministers and members of Firgrove Congregation after the divine service got together to send a message to the new District Apostle which read as follows: “Dear District Apostle Kriel, we as the ministers of Firgrove Congregation look forward to be lead and guided by you - please accept all our well wishes. With special thanks to the District Apostle NE Barnes”.