Apostle Area LAMBERT P

Shepherd R Fredericks held the divine service on 29 January 2017.  The Bible word used was from Genesis 1, a portion of verse 31. The following were highlighted: 1. Recognise God’s power in the creation  2.  Give thanks to God for His gifts and   3.  Glorify God in our behaviour.
The children were asked what they saw during their holidays that impressed them. Some answers were: flowers, people and holiday places. The Rector outlined the items and those created by God. He referred to the beautiful decoration of the altar and that God created this, not man. God created animals, plants, the earth, the sea, us and oxygen. Man made telephones, etc. the things we use daily. Reference was made to the shortage of water in our dams and that we need rain to revive the parched earth. The question was also asked: How should we treat this creation? The answers were: 1. Take care of it  2. Not pollute and 3. Recycle/reuse/reduce. We are the crown of His creation, therefore we should fulfil His teaching and know that He loves us. The children sang at the closing of the service.

The District Apostle Helper Mkhwanazi visited the congregation of Silvertown on 18 January 2017.